What solutions to your problems does A Smart Solutions offer?

You came here looking to solve a problem, this page shows the tools at our desposal to create you a solution.

Idea Thinking

If you know the direction you wish your business to take but don't know the detail of what IT you need then we are the people to come to. Through a series of meetings and workshops (and draawing on our experience) we will present to you the way forward. The people at A Smart Solution have been involved in many start up businesses and not just at the IT level, if you have a problem we will find the solution.

Coding Solutions (FinTech software, .Net, PHP...)

At A Smart Solution we deliver all kinds of solutions to problems, most of the time they involve coding. We have Microsoft.net and PHP specialists able to deliver state of the art custom software to take your organisation to the next level.

Within the FinTech space the people at A Smart Solution have been devlivering cutting edge solutions for over 10 years, this includes loans (secured homeowner, motor, peronsal) processing systems (quotation, documentation, application processing, process management), banking platforms which have processed billions of pounds of client funds (core banking, online banking, telephone banking) and broker platforms. If you can think of an area of finance active within the last 10 years, chances are we have been involved.

Cloud Office Setups

The great thing about living in the future is that your office no longer has to be fixed to one place, this not only opens up options such as working from home days with no interuption but also simplifies and reduces costs for disaster recovery. We can help you setup a new office in the cloud, voip phones, email and office applications.

WordPress (UX before)

With WordPress ever increasing it's market share we have taken a strong interest in the potential that it brings, as a consequence we have produced a number of themes and plugins. If you are looking for a WordPress site then we are the place to go.


With over 20 collective years experience in the finance and retail space we are plaved in prime position to drive your business to the next leve. Does your IT stragegy need updating? Perhaps we could introduce you to Agile methodolgy. Maybe you already use Agile? Perhaps we can show you how to make the most out of it. Are you looking to decide your next move in the finance industry? We can analyse the optios and help point in the right direction.

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